We have planned our privacy policy to avoid certain circumstances that can make you rethink the reason behind trusting us. The main target of introducing this privacy policy is to let the patrons know how we use their personal information if they purchase with zenpillrx.com

Here are our privacy policy details,
  1. No marketing calls or emails
  2. We understand the worth of your time and hence, do not call or email you with unnecessary or not interested content. We call or email you only if you make a purchase with us. Mostly we send the promotional emails (newsletters) to the one who subscribes to it.

  3. Copyrights
  4. The logos, images, and content on the website are the property of zenpillrx.com. They are not copied from any website. If any individual or organization wishes to use it, provide us with the written application for using any of the logo, content, or image from our website. Any unrecognized use of the trademarks and copyrights is forbidden.

  5. Interference with confidentially
  6. We understand the seriousness to maintain personal data. Hence, any information provided by you such as credit card number, address, name, or any other details is secure with us. We do not reveal or share your data with a third party. We use the details or personal information only to deliver you the medicines. Moreover, our website is secured, and hence, all the precautions to refrain from fraud are considered.

  7. Zero spamming
  8. Though we don’t disclose personal data to the third party, we also ensure there is zero spamming.